Leather Seats

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* Convertible Tops


*Leather Interiors


*Seat Heaters


*Truck Accessories


*Chrome Packages


*Custom And Original       upholstery


*Gold Plating


*After Market Simulated Tops


*Marine Interiors


*Airplane Interiors


*Theater & Auditorium Seating


*Function Halls & Restaurants


*Custom Carpets and floor Mats


*RV Interiors

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Text Box: Auto and Marine Interiors. Air planes
Auditorium Seating, Any type of Upholstery.   Custom Carpets  & Mats

Auto and Marine Interiors ~ Upholstery of All Kinds  ~  Custom Carpets & Mats

Text Box: Roof’s any style   * Full * Half *and *QTR*
Convertibles of all types.

Any type of Roof


Heated Seats, a must have in the North East.

Heated Seats a Specialty

Complete auto restoration, Interiors, Convertible tops, Leather and Cloth.

Full Auto Restoration

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Text Box: Auto Tops ~ Interiors ~ Seat Heaters ~ Chrome Packages ~ Gold Plating ~ Marine Interiors ~ Custom and Original Upholstery ~ Custom Carpets